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In 2019, the awarding ceremony of the core 100-person program of Rykoda Group came to a successful conclusion.

On May 18, 2019, the Rikkoda Group held the awarding ceremony of the Core 100 Program of the Rikkoda Group in 2019. Mr. Ma Jian, Vice President of the Group, summarized the evaluation process of the Core Hundred Personnel Program in 2019 and put forward the shortcomings. At the same time, he added and emphasized the important parts of the Core Talents Program. In his speech, Mr. Zhang Jie, Vice President of the Group, put forward the requirements and objectives of the core talent team and the direction of the staff. Mr. Wu Shijun, Chairman of the Group, made a speech, offering his expectations and encouragement to the core talent team and all employees. Top managers and general managers of subsidiary companies of the group awarded honorary certificates for core talents on the spot, and invited representatives of core talents to make comments on their selection.

Richter has always regarded talent as the core resource of the enterprise and devoted itself to building the core talent team. At present, it has completed the evaluation of the core 100 people plan for 2019. Here we congratulate the selected staff.

It is a supreme honor to be selected into the "Ruikeda Group Core Hundred Persons Program". At the same time, they have also received abundant material and spiritual rewards such as share dividend returns, stock option preference, promotion preference, personal career planning and so on. I hope every Ruikeda staff will strive to be enterprising and strive to be selected as the "Ruikeda Group Core Hundred Persons". Plan ".

I hope that the core talents of the group can further play a leading role in the work, strive hard to achieve greater results and more fruitful results, and grow together with the company with one heart and one mind!

At the same time, we hope that all the staff of the group will take the core talents as the model and benchmark, strive to be strong, and strive to close to the core talent standards and requirements.

Happiness comes from struggle!

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